Radicchio Rolls with Parma Ham Picture

Wash the lettuce leaves, shake them dry, remove the stalk and halve or quarter them, depending on their size. Heat the olive oil in a pan and fry the lettuce… Full Recipe

Tomato Soup with Mussels and Shrimps Photo

If using fresh tomatoes it is best to start here: cover the tomatoes with boiling water for 1 minute, rinse and skin. Set aside briefly. For those who don’t use… Full Recipe

Chicken Liver in Madeira Sauce Picture

Crush the fennel seed quite finely in a mortar (of course, it also works here with already ground fennel seed). Mix with the coriander and mace. Add the tomato paste,… Full Recipe

Fried Sardines Picture

Remove the head from the descaled sardines, cut open on the belly side, gut, wash and unfold the sardines. For the marinade, mix the above ingredients, pour on the fish… Full Recipe

Sautéed Mushrooms ,,al Aglio’ Picture

If you use fresh mushrooms, please clean them first, or drain the canned mushrooms. Now heat the olive oil in a large pan and add the finely chopped garlic and… Full Recipe

Mini Quiches à la Italia Image

Pluck the basil and chop it with a chopping knife or a blender. Now carefully puree the basil, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese and garlic with a blender. Gradually add the… Full Recipe

Red Mullet with White Beans Image

Preparation: Soak white beans in cold water for about 12 hours. After the soaking time, drain the water. Rosemary oil: Wash, pluck and finely chop the rosemary sprig, add to… Full Recipe