Pastetli with Milk Picture

Stew the milks in hot – not boiling – water until they are cooked (takes about 20 minutes). Sauté the veal until it is hot. Add the finely chopped onions… Full Recipe

Spaghetti Cake Image

Peel the onion. Clean the peppers and mushrooms. Cut everything into small pieces. Fry onion pieces in hot oil until translucent. Then add mushrooms and minced meat. Season with salt,… Full Recipe

Herb and Mushroom Pancake Photo

Separate the eggs. Chill the egg whites. Mix the egg yolks, milk, flour and 1 pinch of salt to a smooth batter and let it swell for about 10 minutes.… Full Recipe

Meat Soufflé with Bechamel Sauce Image

For the meat, in a large mixing bowl, soak the rusk in milk. Add finely diced cooked ham, finely chopped shallots, egg yolks, cream, a handful of parsley and minced… Full Recipe