Eggnog Photo

Squeeze the orange and heat the juice together with the egg liqueur, white wine and vanilla sugar in a saucepan, stirring constantly. Meanwhile, finely grate some orange peel and add.… Full Recipe

Simple Sangria Punch Photo

Place the cherries with the juice in a large bowl. Add the sparkling wine and the sangria. Stir everything once and put in the refrigerator until serving. You can of… Full Recipe

Frisian Bean Soup Photo

Wash the raisins, put them in a well-sealed container e.g. preserving jars, sprinkle the rock candy on top and add the brandy. Leave to infuse for about 8-14 days, stirring… Full Recipe

Sgroppino Photo

Place a cold bowl in the freezer, preferably half an hour before preparation. Whip the ingredients in the bowl with a hand blender or whisk until frothy. Pour into champagne… Full Recipe