Place the feta in a baking dish and pour a little oil (to taste) over it. Cut the dried tomatoes and figs into small cubes and spread them on the… Read more

Cretan Wedding Salad Photo

Wash the fruits and vegetables and chop them into bite-sized pieces. Peel the carrot and grate coarsely. Peel the onion, quarter lengthwise and cut crosswise into 4 mm thick slices.… Read more

Apricot Salad Greek Style Picture

Wash, clean and chop vegetables and fruit. Cut olives into slices. Cut apricots and cherry tomatoes in half. Cut the feta cheese into thin slices and crumble or leave whole.… Read more

Leg of Lamb Stuffed with Goat Cheese Image

Drain the cream cheese overnight over a sieve lined with a cloth. Finely chop figs, apricots and raisins and soak in ouzo. Toast pine nuts until golden brown. Preheat oven… Read more