Swabian Pizza Picture

Cut salami, ham, onion and the vegetables (selected from the varieties mentioned) into small cubes. Add butter, cream, crème fraîche and cheese to the vegetables, mix and season to taste.… Full Recipe

Mozzarella Pockets Picture

Defrost the puff pastry for 10-15 min. Wash the tomatoes, remove the seeds and cut them into small cubes (skin them first if necessary). Drain the mozzarella and cut into… Full Recipe

Mini Meatballs Photo

Soak the roll, squeeze, knead with minced meat, chopped onion and egg, season. Wash, chop and knead in the herbs. Form 12 small meatballs. Fry in hot oil, turning, for… Full Recipe

Bread Cordon Bleu Photo

Cut a pocket in each slice of bread. Wrap a piece of cheese in a slice of ham, put it in the bread pocket and close it with toothpicks. Butter… Full Recipe

Cheese Hash Browns Picture

Grate the potatoes and onions and mix with the bacon cubes and the herbs and spices. If necessary, mix in some oat flakes to bind the liquid. Form hash browns… Full Recipe

Pizzatoast Image

Stir the tomato paste with a little water until smooth tomato sauce. Mix in the oregano. Drain the mushrooms. Spread 1 tsp of tomato sauce on each slice of white… Full Recipe

Panini De Luxe Image

First, rinse and dry the lettuce leaf. Cut the mozzarella into slices and drain well, if necessary pat dry. Wash the tomato, cut out the stalk and cut into slices.… Full Recipe

Schlemmerschnitte Photo

Brown the sausage and the onion rings in a pan. Finally, add the feta cheese and let it melt a little. Season everything with pepper and fresh parsley. Butter 2… Full Recipe

Fig Goat in Verspeck! Picture

Crumble buns from the previous day and soak in the cream. Let rest briefly. Add 3 egg yolks, salt and pepper and knead well. If the dough is too firm,… Full Recipe