Caipirinha Image

Wash the lime, then cut in half and -importantly- remove the white stalk in the middle, otherwise it will be bitter…then cut into small pieces. In a glass 2 tablespoons… Read more

Elderflower Syrup Picture

Mix white wine with 1 l of water and citric acid. Shake out flower umbels (do not wash) and pour the liquid over them so that they are covered. Wash… Read more

Red Punch Picture

Drain the fruit through a sieve. Collect the juice. Leave the cherries, strawberries and the frozen berries to infuse in a large bowl or punch bowl together with the rum… Read more

Banana Baby Photo

Put all ingredients in a shaker and shake everything well. Then pour into a glass with a few ice cubes. (It looks even better garnished with fruit. My suggestion, slice… Read more

Coconut Dream Picture

Mix the ingredients in a blender. For a coconut rim, dip the rim of the glass in some syrup, and then in the shredded coconut. Then pour the drink into… Read more

Basil Flavoured Champagne Image

Soak the fresh, washed and plucked basil in white wine for min. 1 day. Filter, distribute a little on each of the champagne glasses and pour champagne. Decorate with a… Read more

Long Island Iced Tea Picture

Place a few ice cubes in a glass. Pour the ingredients over it in order. Depending on taste, add one or two (or more) lemon slices to the glass and… Read more

White Angel Picture

Pour the liqueur, milk and orange juice into a highball glass and fill with ice cubes.

Christmas Kids Punch Photo

Mix apple juice, tea and the juice of lemon and orange and heat. Add cinnamon and cloves, bring to a boil briefly and sweeten with honey to taste. Remove the… Read more

Christmas Punch Image

Pour the lemon and orange juice into a pitcher. Add the sugar and stir gently until dissolved. Pour plenty of ice into a large punch glass. Add the fruit juices,… Read more