Breaded and Stuffed Peppers Image

Drain the peppers. Cut off the lids. Cut the stems in half. Using a small, narrow knife, scrape the seeds out of the pods. Mix the cream cheese with the… Read more

Baked Eggplants Photo

From the breadcrumbs, the various cheeses (which you can also vary as you like), the parsley, garlic, one or two eggs and the spices, make a mixture that should stand… Read more

Sambal Tauge Panjang 1 Image

Wash the bean sprouts, strain them, sort them out if necessary, and divide them among the serving plates. The following ingredients are all added to the blender as soon as… Read more

Beet Carpaccio Picture

Boil the beet with salt, sugar and caraway seeds in the water and then continue to simmer at a low temperature for about 40 min. Remove from the water, let… Read more

Crispy Papaya Salad Seduces Tuna Tataki Picture

For the papaya salad, first peel the papaya and shave it into julienne strips using a julienne cutter. Peel the carrots in the same way and slice into julienne strips.… Read more