Tomato Soup with Chicken Breast Fillet Photo

Heat the chicken broth and cook the chicken breast fillets cut into pieces in it for about 5 minutes, then remove the meat. Add the tomato soup and vegetables and… Read more

Tomato Soup with Meatballs Photo

You can prepare the soup with or without greens, rice or noodles. Then cook the soup noodles separately and add them later. Put the strained tomatoes in a pot with… Read more

Cream of Cheese Soup with Diced Pears Image

First, cut the cheese into cubes. Then clean the spring onion, wash and cut into fine rings. Then peel the pear, quarter it, remove the core and cut it into… Read more

Mustard Soup Γ  la Abrahams Picture

The recipe comes from Holland, the mustard is called Abrahams. We used sweet American mustard. Melt the butter. Add flour and make a roux with it. Simmer the roux over… Read more