Pineapple Citrus Lemonade Picture

As citrus fruits take like here now for example limes and oranges. But you can also use grapefruits or lemons as you like. The fruits are squeezed and given together… Read more


Prepare all ingredients with 2 liters of grain, filter after 4 weeks and transfer to bottles. The liquor tastes very good and is very well received in the cold season.

Feuerzangenbowle Image

Halve the oranges and lemons and squeeze them carefully. Pour the red wine into a saucepan. Pour the fruit juice through a sieve, heat but do not boil. Let the… Read more

Janina Schlampini Cocktail Picture

Mix all ingredients, except the juice, well in a cocktail mixer and pour into the glass. Top up with cherry and/or passion fruit juice. Stir the drink again.

Green Smoothie Photo

Put everything in the blender, blend well and enjoy.

The Rascal Picture

Mix the cooled espresso with whiskey and milk. Add ice to taste.

Mango Lime Lassi with Paprika Photo

Peel the mango, remove the core and cut into pieces. Cut a few slices extra and set aside. Cut the limes in half and squeeze. Cut the bell bell pepper… Read more

Woodruff Smoothie Photo

Put the first 4 ingredients in a blender with some crushed ice and puree. Add woodruff syrup and lemon juice to taste and desired flavor. The delicious and healthy smoothie… Read more

Lady Sunshine Image

Place the ice cubes in a glass. Add the syrup, Southern Comfort and vodka to a shaker and shake. Then add the mixture to the glass and top with ginger… Read more

Blueberry Rosemary Shake Photo

Bring 200 ml of milk, powdered sugar, vanilla sugar and rosemary to a boil once in a saucepan. Remove the saucepan from the heat and let cool with the rosemary… Read more