Scottish Lemonade Picture

Brew the tea and allow to cool, mix the tea and juice and chill. Well chilled, the ‘Scottish lemonade’ tastes refreshing in the summer. I prefer to use fresh peppermint… Full Recipe

Cherry Syrup Picture

Juice the cherries. Bring the water to a boil and dissolve the sugar in it. Remove the pot from the heat and add the remaining ingredients and the cherry juice… Full Recipe

Shaking Cherries Picture

The washed cherries are pitted and poured into a tall container (e.g. RUMTOPF jar) about 3 cm. thick. On top of it comes a layer of sugar, then a layer… Full Recipe

Summer Smoothie Photo

Peel apples, bananas and oranges and cut into small pieces or slices. Remove the grapes from the stems. Clean the strawberries and cut them in half. Drain the cherries in… Full Recipe

Anna, the Little Sister of Hugo Picture

Mix a spritzer from white wine and mineral water in a wine glass. Add rhubarb juice and, as a highlight, a strawberry. On particularly hot days, frozen strawberries are especially… Full Recipe

Summer Cocktail Image

Crush the ice cubes and pour into the cocktail glass. Add mint leaves and pour the juice of half lemon or orange. Then top up with the green tea and… Full Recipe

Peach Apple Juice Picture

Wash, core and halve or quarter the fruit, but do not peel. Juice the apples in the juicer on stage I (stage for hard fruits and vegetables). Juice the peaches… Full Recipe

3 Fruit Smoothie Picture

Pour the orange juice into a tall container. Wash the pear, cut the pear and banana into small pieces and add to the orange juice. Puree with a blender. Pour… Full Recipe

Raspberry Liqueur á la Susi Picture

Put all ingredients in a large jar (e.g. bowl min. 3 liters) and mix well. Place in a sunny place (eg windowsill) and leave for 3 – 4 days, stirring… Full Recipe

Berry Lychee Smoothie Picture

Carefully wash the raspberries and pat dry. Wash the strawberries, dry them, remove the seeds, chop them coarsely and put them in the blender with the raspberries. Peel the fresh… Full Recipe