Noodles with Chicken Photo

First, boil the washed and dabbed chicken legs in 3 liters of hot water with 1 tablespoon of salt until cooked. Cook pasta in salted water according to package directions.… Read more

Gerbeaud Slices Image

For the dough, mix the yeast with the sugar cubes in the lukewarm milk and let rise briefly (I like to use the yeast dough Garant – then the dough… Read more


Peel the carrot and the apple, grate them finely and put them in a bowl together with the sauerkraut. Finely dice the onions, chop the parsley and add to the… Read more

Prague Poppy Seed Cake Picture

Dough: Sift the flour on a baking board, add 2 tablespoons of sugar, the salt, the 60g of butter or margarine in flakes and the egg yolk and knead with… Read more

Pörkölt Hungarian Goulash Image

Cut meat into approx. 2 cm cubes and season with salt and pepper. Roughly chop the onion and cut the peppers into strips. In a pot as large as possible,… Read more

Polish Cream Herring Picture

Dab the herring fillets with a kitchen towel. Cut into small pieces to taste (doesn’t have to be!) and place in a bowl. Peel the apple and grate coarsely. Peel… Read more

Party Soup Puszta Style Picture

Fry the bacon in a large pot with a little oil, add the onions and sauté. Add the sausage, tomato paste, peppers and garlic, let everything simmer a bit. Add… Read more

Cauliflower Serbian Style Picture

Divide the cauliflower into florets. Then wash them and boil in a pot a little salted water. Then beat the eggs in a bowl with salt and vegeta (like scrambled… Read more

Goulash Classic Picture

Sear the meat until hot. After 2 – 3 minutes, add the coarsely diced onions and the finely diced garlic and braise for 5 – 10 minutes. Stir in the… Read more

Bulgarian Coleslaw Image

Halve or even quarter the cabbage head, depending on its size. Clean, chop and place in a salad bowl. Knead well by hand until it softens a bit. Peel and… Read more