Merceiles Garlic Yogurt Dip Picture

Mix the garlic paste with the olive oil, add salt and cayenne pepper and mix well with the yogurt. Finally, add the washed, chopped parsley and the lemon or lime… Full Recipe

Quick Feta Cream Picture

Coarsely chop the feta cheese and place in a measuring cup. Add the cream cheese, olive oil and spices. Puree everything with a hand blender. Add a little milk so… Full Recipe

Pasta with Carrot Sauce Photo

Cook the pasta according to package directions until al dente. Peel and grate the carrots. Peel and finely chop the onion and fry it in hot margarine or oil. Stir… Full Recipe

Acili Ezme Photo

Peel tomatoes and cut into very small cubes. Chop the spring onion and parsley very small. Mix the vegetables with the remaining ingredients. Mash with a fork while mixing. Let… Full Recipe

Warm Garlic Sauce Image

Put the oil in a small pot. Add the chopped onion and garlic (pressed or diced), heat everything strongly for a short time. Before the onion-garlic mixture can burn, deglaze… Full Recipe

Topping for Lahmacun Picture

Peel onions and cut into very small pieces. Briefly scald tomato in boiling water and peel off skin. Cut tomato into small pieces. Mix onion, tomato, herbs with butter and… Full Recipe

Turkish Spinach Cream Photo

Defrost the spinach, drain and squeeze a little more (otherwise the cream will be too liquid). Peel and press the garlic. Mix all the ingredients and season with salt to… Full Recipe

Turkish Feta Cheese Cream Photo

Put as soft as possible fresh feta cheese with Turkish cream yogurt in a mixing cup. Drain dried tomatoes in seasoning oil a little and add to feta cheese. Add… Full Recipe

Turkish Paste Image

Process all ingredients gradually in a food processor (with rotary blade) or with a blender until homogeneous. Then season with spices to taste. Tastes good on bread. Keeps relatively long… Full Recipe