Fly Fried Chicken Wings Image

Fry fresh chicken wings (flies) in the deep fryer at 170-190° for about 8 minutes. For frozen goods, the duration is about 11-12 minutes. Keep checking in between to make… Full Recipe

Chicken Croquettes Picture

Wash the two chicken breast fillets, dab dry, cut lengthwise (butterfly cut), unfold, plate and season on both sides with salt, bell pepper and paprika. Place individually on plastic wrap… Full Recipe

KFC Style Drumsticks Picture

First prepare the drumsticks and cut them twice with a sharp knife against the direction of the grain (this way they will cook faster later). Then salt the drumsticks a… Full Recipe

Chicken Melon Cannon Picture

First, wash the arugula and remove the stems. Place in a bowl and mix with the sun-dried tomatoes and toasted pine nuts. Add the olive oil, mustard, balsamic reduction and… Full Recipe

Chicken Snack Photo

First, cut the chicken breast into strips about 2 – 3 cm wide. Eggs and milk are beaten together. The flour is weighed out separately and placed in a small… Full Recipe

Crispy Peanut Chicken Balls Image

Finely chop the chicken breast fillet together with 1-2 chili peppers (depending on personal taste) and a pinch of salt. From the mass then form small balls with a diameter… Full Recipe