Anpan Picture

Put the flour, sugar, salt, egg white and butter in a bowl. Dissolve the yeast in lukewarm water, gradually add to the ingredients and knead everything into a smooth yeast… Read more

Matcha Cookies Picture

Mix powdered sugar, egg yolk and butter with a mixer. Mix flour and matcha powder with each other, add to the wet ingredients and knead everything with your hands into… Read more

Anko Ice Cream Picture

This anko ice cream is very easy to prepare and tastes pleasantly like anko. I have used Tsubushian in this recipe. If you don’t like chunks in your ice cream,… Read more

Melonpan, Japanese Photo

First we prepare the shortcrust pastry, as it must rest in the refrigerator for a good hour. To do this, mix the butter and sugar by hand with a whisk… Read more

Vegetarian Japanese Curry with Rice Photo

It is best to use tofu for this recipe, which you have previously frozen for a few days. This changes its structure and it can absorb flavor better. In any… Read more

Asian Noodle Pan Photo

First, cook the noodles, meanwhile peel the carrots, clean the green onions and finely slice both (the faster it will be ready). The onions should also be chopped as finely… Read more

Baked Tofu Image

Dip tofu briefly in cold water, drain and pluck thoroughly. Then carefully cut into 8 equal cubes. Turn tofu pieces in flour and fry in hot oil in a pan… Read more

Japanese Noodles with Mushrooms Image

Place pasta in a large bowl and pour boiling water over it to cover. Let soak for 10 minutes or according to package directions. Then drain thoroughly. Heat sunflower oil… Read more