Zucchini Rice Casserole Picture

Cook the rice in vegetable stock until not too soft. Coarsely grate the zucchini, cut the ham into cubes. Mix everything together and season carefully with salt and white pepper,… Full Recipe

Curry Rice Pan with Chicken Breast Image

Cook the rice according to package directions. Cut the chicken breast into small pieces and fry in a pan in the oil. Season a little at this stage. Cut the… Full Recipe

Cream Cheese Fiesta Photo

First, cut the mushrooms into thin strips. The corn I took out of the can. After the preparation, the pasta water is put on high heat. At the same time… Full Recipe

Stuffed Peppers Image

Cook the rice loosely. Perhaps for one or the other offers a cooking bag, which usually corresponds exactly 125 g. Then drain/steam well. Wash the peppers and cut them open… Full Recipe