Red Bell Pepper Salad Picture

Cut the peppers into strips. Blanch in portions in boiling water for about 3 min., then drain. Lightly heat the olive oil in a pan, briefly sweat the garlic. Add… Full Recipe

Merguez Image

Merguez rolls – spicy lamb sausage from Morocco. The ‘must’ for the French grill time, also possible with beef portion. Mix the minced lamb (preferably freshly cooked) with all the… Full Recipe

Egg Pan with Shakshuka Picture

Heat the oil in a pan with a lid. Fry the onions in it until translucent, then add the peppers and chili peppers and stir-fry everything for several minutes. Mix… Full Recipe

Lamb Skewers Oriental Style Picture

Either cut / dice the meat yourself – or buy already cut. I usually have the leg of lamb at the Turkish butcher of my confidence and also the meat… Full Recipe

Couscous with Summer Vegetables Photo

Wash, quarter and seed the peppers, wash the zucchini. Cut the vegetables into strips that are not too narrow. Peel onions and garlic, cut onions into strips, garlic into small… Full Recipe

Couscous with Minced Meat Picture

Mix the couscous with a little salt, pour about 1/4 l of boiling water and 1 tablespoon of olive oil over it and let it swell until it is soft.… Full Recipe

Grilled Chicken with Chickpea Salad Picture

Finely dice the tomatoes and cut the onion into fine strips. Make a marinade from lemon juice, olive oil and sumac. Mix everything well with the chickpeas and leave to… Full Recipe

Tuna Steak with Couscous Salad Image

Salt and pepper the tuna steaks and fry them briefly on each side in a little oil. Prepare the couscous according to package instructions. Finely dice the remaining ingredients. Season… Full Recipe

Couscous with Merguez Picture

Bring the chicken stock to the boil and pour over the couscous. Allow to swell according to package instructions. Then loosen the couscous with a fork. Clean the peppers and… Full Recipe