Game Style Turkey Leg Picture

Wash the meat, pat dry and fry in the pan with oil until lightly brown, remove and season with pepper and coriander powder. Peel and chop the onions and vegetables.… Read more

Indian Raw Vegetable Salad Image

First, the vegetables are peeled and coarsely grated. The ginger is also peeled and grated very finely. Then mix the vegetables with cottage cheese and a little milk and stir… Read more

Capreto alla Nonna Image

Wash two goat legs with bones, pat dry, parry a little, rub with black pepper and add needles from a sprig of rosemary. Put the prepared legs on a ceramic… Read more

Pasta Mince Casserole with Feta Photo

One thing in advance about this dish, regarding the spices such as cinnamon, coriander powder and ground black cumin: I have indicated the quantities with ‘something’ because I can not… Read more

Fletchers Chili Sin Carne Photo

Soak the spelt in cold water and smoked salt in a large enough pot for 2 hours. If this takes too long, you can also use pre-cooked spelt, which is… Read more