A day before, mix the soy sauce with the herb mixture, honey and lemon juice and put it in a freezer bag with the turkey meat and knead well. Let… Read more

Cucumber Boats with Tomato Mozzarella Photo

Cut the cucumber in half and remove the seeds with a small spoon. Mix the yogurt and cream cheese in a bowl. Then chop the peppers, chives, parsley and garlic… Read more

Lettuce Pyrmont Style Picture

Clean the lettuce and pluck into bite-sized pieces. Wash, clean and chop the remaining fruit and vegetables. Mix everything together. For the dressing, chop the onion, add lemon juice and… Read more

Rice Salad with Black Olives Image

Cook the rice in salted water for 20 minutes and then put it in a large bowl and let it cool. Chop the tomatoes, peeled cucumber, feta cheese and olives… Read more

Radish Salad Image

Wash cucumber, peel off strips, cut in half lengthwise, remove seeds and cut into slices. Peel radish, quarter lengthwise and slice crosswise. Cut tomatoes into slices. Cut sausages diagonally into… Read more