Chop the potatoes, carrot and pointed peppers and set aside. Cut the sausages (I recommend Öztürk brand beef sausage at the Turkish) into not too thin slices and fry them… Read more

Borsch Borsch Image

Pour the water into a large pot that can hold 5 or more liters and heat it, it should not boil. At this time, peel the beet. Add the meat… Read more

Spicy Red Vegetable Soup Image

Wash, peel and dice all the vegetables and potatoes. First sauté the onion and garlic in olive oil, then the carrots, parsley root and celery. Then add the bell bell… Read more

Three Bean Stew Image

Peel and dice potatoes into bite-sized pieces and boil in salted water. Open all the cans and drain the liquids. Chop onions and sauté with garlic in a second pot,… Read more

Dunghan Noodles (Lagman) Picture

Cook the noodles in salted water as usual, set aside. For the soup (wajah), dice the meat, potatoes, radish and tomatoes. Cut carrots, beet and white cabbage into strips. cut… Read more

Yatakelt Wot Photo

Dice the onions, cut the spring onions into rings and sauté both in a little oil until translucent. Cut the tomatoes into cubes, add them together with the pressed garlic… Read more

Wetterauer Vegetable Stew Image

Wetterauer vegetable stew is not only healthy and rich in vitamins, but it tastes great with or without chowder! It can be easily prepared in large portions and the unneeded… Read more

Stuffed Eggplant in Tomato Sauce Picture

Twine is needed to wrap the eggplant. Cut the beef roast into small pieces about 1 x 1 cm so that you have many small cubes of meat. Prepare the… Read more

Gözleme, Turkish Recipe Photo

All who have made a Turkey vacation, know Gözleme certainly. You can take different fillings, in this recipe I took three different fillings and will show you more fillings as… Read more