Braised Beef Leg Slices Image

Season the slices of beef leg well with salt, pepper and the Baharat spice mix and then lightly flour them. Cut the onions, carrot, leek and celery into small cubes,… Full Recipe

Cheese Dip for Nachos Picture

Put milk, cream, mustard, harissa paste and salt in a small saucepan and heat over medium heat, add the cheese slices in pieces, keep stirring in saucepan. Finely chop the… Full Recipe

Eggplant Lamb Tagine from Tunisia Photo

Cut the eggplant crosswise into thin slices. Sprinkle with plenty of salt and let steep liquid in a colander for half an hour. Wash off the salt and pat the… Full Recipe

Bulgur Cookies Image

Pour 200 ml of boiling water over the bulgur and leave to swell for 10 minutes. In the meantime, finely chop the herbs and onions. Knead all the ingredients into… Full Recipe

Hot Bell Pepper Chicken Photo

Cut the bell pepper and the onion into very small cubes. Mix with the other ingredients (without the wine). Rub the chicken (divided into 8 pieces) well on all sides… Full Recipe

Marrakech Salad Picture

Mix saffron, sugar, cumin, lemon juice and 50 ml orange juice. Add carrots and salt. Fillet the oranges. Mix brown sugar, cinnamon, Ras el Hanout and harissa. Dice beet and… Full Recipe

Salami Tuna Casserole Picture

First, cook the pasta according to package directions until al dente, drain and set aside. Cut the salami into small cubes. Heat the oil in a saucepan and sauté the… Full Recipe

Couscous Pan with Shrimp Photo

Peel the carrots and cut into very thin strips (best with a julienne cutter). Finely chop the onion and fry in the olive oil in a pan over medium heat… Full Recipe

Tunisian Stew with Couscous Image

Peel the carrots, onion and kohlrabi. Cut the carrots into 1 cm thick slices, the kohlrabi into strips, onion into thick rings. Wash the zucchini, quarter lengthwise and cut into… Full Recipe