Armenian Shashlik Image

Cut the washed, dried mutton into 4 cm thick slices, add salt and pepper and place in an earthenware pot. Now sprinkle the finely weighed onion over it, drizzle the… Read more

Armenian Cauliflower Salad Picture

Cauliflower clean and wash carefully. Put into boiling water so that it is completely covered. Wash and squeeze the lemon, reserving the juice. Chop the peel and add to the… Read more

Armenian Pilaf Photo

Finely chop the chilies and onions. Then fry the onions in oil until translucent. Then add the chilies and cook for another minute. Now add the chunky tomatoes and cook… Read more

Armenian Nutmeg Cake Picture

Sift wheat flour and baking powder. Mix with sugar, salt and butter to form a crumbly dough. Grease springform pan, pour in half of the dough, spread evenly and press… Read more

Jugatert Armenian Puff Pastry Picture

Knead a dough from flour, eggs, hot milk, 50 g butter and baking powder. Roll out the dough to about 2 mm, brush with the remaining butter, dust with a… Read more

Anushapur Armenian Apricot Soup Picture

Cut apricots into small cubes and place in a pot. Simmer with sugar, salt and water for approx. 15 min. Meanwhile, fry the onion cubes in the melted butter until… Read more

Stuffed Poached Armenian Meatballs Picture

For the filling, lightly brown the diced onion and garlic in hot oil. Add the minced meat and fry until crumbly. Add the spices and the pine nuts and finish… Read more

Armenian Aveluk Soup with Lentils Photo

Cut the aveluk into five-centimeter-long pieces with scissors and boil in plenty of water for fifteen minutes. Drain and set aside. Now dice the two onions and fry in butter… Read more

Armenian Yogurt Soup Image

Cook the wheat in water or broth until tender, about 1 hour. Mix the yogurt with water and sour cream. Beat the egg with the flour and put it in… Read more