Adriatic Blue Cocktail Image

Put all ingredients in a mixing glass and mix, then serve in a cocktail glass.

Multi Blue Cocktail Image

Pour multivitamin, orange and lemon juice into a shaker and fill with ice cubes. Pour Blue Curaçao into a glass and slowly pour shaker contents over it.

Blue Ocean Cocktail with Vodka and Lime Image

Shake vodka, Blue Curaçao and lime juice on ice in a shaker. Pour through a sieve into the glass with ice cubes. Top up with tonic water, garnish as desired.

Blue Captain Cocktail Photo

Pour the syrup and lime juice into a glass filled with ice cubes and stir vigorously. Fill the glass with Bitter Lemon, garnish with the fresh mint and place the… Read more

Nectarine Passion Fruit Blueberry Cocktail Picture

Wash nectarines and blueberries and cut nectarines into slices. Thread half of the nectarine slices and a few blueberries alternately onto wooden skewers. Blend remaining nectarines and blueberries with the… Read more

Blueberry Lavender Cocktail Picture

For the lavender syrup, put the sugar in a pot. Fill the cup as high with water as the sugar has stood. Add the remaining water with lavender flowers plucked… Read more

Blue Marie Cocktail Picture

Mix all ingredients in a large container and pour into 2 cocktail glasses. Serve garnished with a colorful straw and some sliced pineapple on the rim of the glass.

Pitu Blue Photo

Put the ingredients in a blender with ice cubes. Shake well and pour into a cocktail glass. Add 1-2 ice cubes. Decorate with kiwi gold

Exotic Blue Image

First Curacao, then cream and then the juice in the shaker on ice and shake well. Then strain into a highball glass. Decorate with a pineapple chunk and a cherry.… Read more