Sparkling Wine with Blue Curacao Photo

Is like Campari O (I entered in parallel) very good as a welcome drink. Pre-chill ingredients well. Blue C into champagne glass, fill with dry, ice-cold sparkling wine. Gives an… Read more

Blue Curaçao Syrup Image

Wash and dry the oranges and lemon thoroughly. Then thinly cut off the peel with a peeler or a sharp knife, so that not too much of the white peel… Read more

Chocolates Blue Curacao Photo

Bring the fresh cream to the boil and allow to cool to approx. 80° C. Chop the chocolate and melt in the cream. Add the Blue Curacao. Stir the mixture… Read more

Pumpkin Jam with Blue Curacao Photo

Roughly cut the pumpkin flesh into pieces. Place in a large pot with the orange juice and cook for about 15 minutes until the pumpkin is soft. Then mash with… Read more

Blue Curacao Chocolates Image

Boil cream, add couverture and alcohol, stir until smooth and let cool. Fill into dark hollow bodies, dip in milk couverture and roll in powdered sugar.

Blueberries in Red Wine and Curacao Picture

Select the blueberries well, wash them and let them dry. Mix them with the sugar and pour into a prepared glass. Now pour the red wine and curacao over it… Read more

Exotic Blue Picture

First Curacao, then cream and then the juice in the shaker on ice and shake well. Then strain into a highball glass. Decorate with a pineapple chunk and a cherry.… Read more

Blue Heaven Picture

Mix the lime syrup and the Blue Curacao in a container with a spout. Beat the egg whites and salt until stiff. Meanwhile, pour the syrup evenly. Beat the egg… Read more