Banana Cake from Costa Rica Photo

Mash the bananas in small pieces with sugar and butter in a blender and then add to the mixer. Mix well and add the flour with baking soda and spices… Read more

Banana Cake from Costa Rica Image

Mash bananas in small pieces with sugar and butter in blender, then add to mixer. Add well mixed dry ingredients. Separately add beaten egg and bake at 135 C° for… Read more

Costa Rica Chocolate Cake Image

Shortcrust pastry base: Make a dough with the ingredients for shortcrust pastry and bake a thin base at 170°C for about 10-15 min until golden. Spread the base with jam… Read more

Pineapple Chili from Costa Rica Photo

Cut the pork into cubes of about 1 cm. Mix the ingredients, except beans and pineapple, in a pot, fill with hot water and simmer for about 40 minutes with… Read more

Don Diegos Patacones and Tostones Picture

Plantains (plátanos) and bananas (bananos) are two completely different tastes and therefore not interchangeable. Just like their names, their preparation methods differ. When unripe, the plantain is green, hard and… Read more

Don Diego

Nicaragua and Costa Rica claim Gallo Pinto as their national dish, claiming that the other does not know how to prepare it properly. Nicaraguans use red beans, while Ticos prefer… Read more

Don Diego

‘Gloria in excelsis deo, et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis’ (Glory to God in the highest, and peace to men of good will on earth). The ‘Gloria,’ the praise… Read more

Gallo Pinto Photo

Add the diced peppers and onions to a hot pot with a dash of oil and sauté for approx. 1 – 2 minutes. If desired, now also add the garlic… Read more