Dark Chocolate Mousse Image

Melt the coarsely chopped couverture in a hot water bath, set aside. Beat egg and egg yolk in a metal bowl in a hot water bath until foamy. Stir in… Full Recipe

Dark Chocolate Cake Photo

Melt 200 g of chocolate over a water bath. Spread half thinly on a board until smooth and chill for 10 minutes. Then use a spatula to scrape off chocolate… Full Recipe

Dark Chocolate Cream Photo

Melt the chocolate chips carefully (not too hot!) in a water bath. If you do not use chips, you must chop the chocolate coating beforehand. Heat the cream and dissolve… Full Recipe

Dark Chocolate Cookies with Plums Image

Melt the butter over a hot water bath. Finely chop the plums and chocolate, add the chocolate and melt. Allow to cool slightly. Beat eggs and sugar until thick and… Full Recipe

Dark Chocolate Soy Yogurt Image

Melt the dark chocolate in a suitable microwave container at 450 watts for about 1 minute. Mix the yogurt with the melted chocolate and vanilla sugar. Divide between two containers… Full Recipe

Dark Chocolate Muffins Picture

Melt about 150 g of chocolate with the butter. Mix the eggs with milk and sugar until well frothy, and then stir in the chocolate and butter. Then add flour… Full Recipe

Dark Chocolate with Lime and Salt Photo

Finely chop the dark chocolate. Melt 2/3 of it carefully in a water bath. Finely grate 2/3 of the lime peel and add to the chocolate (amount according to taste!… Full Recipe

Dark Chocolate Mousse Image

First, beat the egg with the sugar until white, this takes a while. It works best in a small food processor. In the time the chocolate coating is chopped and… Full Recipe

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Image

Break the chocolate into pieces and melt it in the saucepan with part of the milk, about 100 ml. Mix the egg yolks with the sugar and the remaining milk.… Full Recipe