Benachin Cheb Ou Jen (Gambia) Image

Chop half a pepper, spring onions, garlic and parsley, mash them and make a paste with a pinch of salt. Cut the fish steaks and fill them with paste. Cut… Read more

Peanut Soup from Gambia, West Africa Picture

Cook the chicken breast in low boiling water. During the cooking time, add salt and grained broth or bouillon cubes. Remove the chicken breast from the broth afterwards, it is… Read more

Hot Sauce from Gambia Photo

In a blender, puree the garlic, onions, spring onions and hot African peppers very well. Heat the oil and add the blended ingredients. Add the tomato paste, mustard and vinegar… Read more

Gambian Vegetable Stew with Peanuts Picture

Peel the carrots, quarter them lengthwise and cut them into pieces. Also the onions, peppers and savoy cabbage. Pour the kidney beans into a sieve and rinse well. Heat the… Read more

Domoda, Beef or Lamb with Peanut Sauce Picture

Cut the meat into bite-sized pieces and fry briefly with the chopped onion in a little oil. Then deglaze with the water. Stir in the tomato paste and the peanut… Read more

Chakri Photo

Heat milk with sugar, add couscous and let swell. If you like, you can replace all or part of the milk with coconut milk or cook some raisins (then reduce… Read more

Accara Image

Soak the black-eyed peas in cold water overnight (at least 4 hours). Chop the onion and garlic and puree together with the beans. Season the mixture with salt, bell pepper,… Read more