Indonesian Tomato Curry Photo

Cut tomatoes into quarters to eighths, depending on size. Sauté onion, garlic, shrimp paste and chili in oil for two minutes. Add coconut milk, bay leaf, galangal, sugar, salt and… Read more

Indonesia Pan Picture

Cut the meat into bite-sized pieces and marinate with soy sauce, sambal manis and a pressed garlic clove. Marinate the shrimp with soy sauce, sambal oelek and a pressed garlic… Read more

Indonesian Mie Mince Pan from the Wok Photo

Cook the Mie noodles in salted water according to package instructions. Remove from heat, drain and rinse. Add the sesame oil, mix well and set aside. Finely chop the onion,… Read more

Pork Tenderloin Indonesian Photo

Cut the pork tenderloin into medallions, salt, pepper and fry lightly all around in hot oil, then place in a greased baking dish and top with sliced bananas. Slice onions… Read more

Indonesian Barbecue Skewers Image

Cut the beef into thin slices and put them on wooden skewers. Mix a peeled, chopped onion and a clove of garlic crushed with salt with 3 tablespoons of oil… Read more

Indonesian Rice Meat Image

Heat oil, fry meat strips, add onion rings. Brown everything briefly, sprinkle in rice, dust with curry, sweat briefly and pour in broth. Cook for about 20 minutes. Fry fresh… Read more

Indonesian Meat Stew Image

Heat 1 tablespoon of margarine, brown the meat in it. Salt and pepper, pour the broth and braise the meat for about 30 minutes. Peel and dice the apples, cut… Read more

Indonesian Noodle Pan Photo

Cook the coconut milk over low heat for about 30 minutes. Stir from time to time. Halve, seed and finely chop the chili peppers. Place the crab paste in a… Read more

Indonesian Rice Pan Photo

Remove seeds from chili peppers. Chop garlic and chili. Cut fillet into thick strips. Place garlic, chili, juice and zest of one orange, cumin, and soy sauce in a large… Read more