Khao Poon Soup from Laos Photo

The soup is also known as Kapoon Soup, Red Curry Noodlesoup Laos, Red Curry Noodlesoup, Lao Laksa. For the stock: Put cold water in a pot and add a little… Read more

Nasi Goreng Photo

Dice the meat about 4 – 5 hours before preparation and marinate in a marinade of Laos, ketoembar, djahé, boemboe saté, ketjap manis and 2 cloves of garlic. Before preparing… Read more

Gado Gado with Tempeh Image

Boil 4 eggs until they are hard. Quench with cold water and set aside. Peel and cut in half when they are slightly cool. Cut tempeh into pieces, about 4… Read more

Lelawar Bali Picture

Mix chopped onions and garlic with Terassi, Laos, coriander, cumin, sambal oelek and the grated nuts and fry everything in a little oil. Add minced beef and fry until there… Read more

Indian Chicken Picture

Cut the chicken breasts into strips about two centimeters thick. Peel and finely dice the onions and garlic. On a plate, mix the spices – ginger, laos, curry and cayenne… Read more