Guacamolo Like in Nicaragua Picture

Halve the avocado, remove the pit and remove the flesh from the skin. Roughly chop the flesh. Dice hard-boiled egg into small cubes. Chop onion into small cubes. Place avocado,… Read more

Don Diegos Patacones and Tostones Picture

Plantains (plátanos) and bananas (bananos) are two completely different tastes and therefore not interchangeable. Just like their names, their preparation methods differ. When unripe, the plantain is green, hard and… Read more

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Nicaragua and Costa Rica claim Gallo Pinto as their national dish, claiming that the other does not know how to prepare it properly. Nicaraguans use red beans, while Ticos prefer… Read more

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In Nicaragua, I once observed how a large, elegant party in a mountain restaurant left a sumptuous table with a variety of dishes untouched because the restaurant, for a reason… Read more

Don Diegos Carne En Salsa Jalapeña Photo

Contrary to what the recipe name suggests, salsa jalapeña – as it is prepared in Nicaragua – is not a fiery hot throat lighter, but rather a creamy, mildly spicy… Read more

Don Diego

Her name was Gioconda and her smile lived up to her name. Most importantly, she had been kind enough to accompany me to the best pasta and marisco restaurant in… Read more