Anise Cookies Photo

Cream the butter with sugar and egg. Add flour, cornstarch, pudding powder, anise and 4 tablespoons of milk and knead. Roll out the dough and cut out any desired cookies.… Read more

Anise Pointed Hats Picture

Whisk egg and powdered sugar for about 2 minutes. Add vanilla sugar and anise powder. Mix flour and baking powder and sift onto the batter. Pipe even tuffs (about 3… Read more

Fennel Anise Lime Sorbet Photo

Boil sugar and water (lauter sugar), finely dice the fennel and add, as well as the anise. Simmer until the fennel is well soft, mix very well. Simmer again a… Read more

Star Anise Cream with Fruit Salad Image

Soak the gelatin in a little cold water according to package directions. Then squeeze it out. Bring the milk to the boil with the star anise. Then dissolve the vanilla… Read more

Anise Cookies Photo

Butter 2 baking sheets and dust with flour. Beat the eggs with the sifted powdered sugar, salt and vanilla sugar, preferably with an electric mixer, in a bain-marie over medium… Read more

Anise Meringue Croissants from Sarah Photo

Beat the egg whites and lemon juice with the whisk of a hand mixer until stiff. Now gradually add the salt, vanilla sugar and sugar. Beat until the sugar has… Read more

Anise Wafers Photo

Mix potato flour, flour, sugar, salt, anise and eggs. Add margarine in pieces and mix briefly. The margarine must remain flaky. Bake off.

Toasted Anise Slices Photo

Carefully separate the eggs. Stir the egg yolks, water and honey into a foamy mixture. Add the groats, baking powder and aniseed and mix together. Beat the egg whites until… Read more