Apple Pancake Picture

Mix the ingredients to form a dough. Stir the dough until nice and creamy. Cut the apples into fine slices and mix into the batter. Grease a frying pan well… Full Recipe

Vegan Apple and Onion Spread Picture

Chop apples and mix with lemon juice. Cut onion into smaller cubes, heat oil in a pot and steam them in it for about 5 min. Then add the apple… Full Recipe

Apple Cinnamon Vanilla Ice Cream Photo

Cut the apples into cubes of about 0.5 cm. Whisk one whole egg and one egg yolk. Put the sugar, vanilla sugar and apples in a saucepan and caramelize slightly… Full Recipe

Baked Apple Pie Image

Mix the pulp of half a vanilla pod with cream, vanilla sugar and cream stiffener and whip until stiff. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator. For the… Full Recipe

Green Smoothie with Cucumber, Spinach and Apple Photo

Wash vegetables and fruit. Cut cucumber and apple (without core) into pieces, puree together with spinach, ginger and apple juice in a blender. Season to taste with lemon juice.

Swedish Apple Tart Picture

Line the bottom of a springform pan (26 cm) with baking paper. Separate the eggs. Beat the egg yolks, 3 tablespoons lukewarm water, 50 g sugar and vanilla sugar until… Full Recipe

Apple Cream Pie Picture

First make a shortcrust pastry from the ingredients for the dough and chill it for at least 30 minutes. Preheat the oven to 175°C (top and bottom heat). Roll out… Full Recipe