Grilled Green Asparagus Picture

Wash the asparagus, break off the woody ends (if you carefully bend the spears at both ends, they will break at the right point). Place in a bowl with the… Read more

Sannes Asparagus Salad Picture

Peel asparagus and cut into small pieces and boil in a little water (save asparagus water and drink, is good dehydrating). Hard boil the eggs and chop the herbs very… Read more

Asparagus Tart with Wild Garlic Picture

Knead flour, butter, egg yolk, water and salt into a smooth shortcrust pastry. Wrap in plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator for about 1 hour. Cook the asparagus in… Read more

Egg and Asparagus Cocktail Image

Peel the eggs and cut them into slices. Drain the asparagus and cut into small pieces. Layer both ingredients in a bowl. Mix mayonnaise, mustard, sour cream, salt, pepper, sugar… Read more

Asparagus Ragout Picture

Since the asparagus spear halves with heads were used for another dish, the half spears are already peeled. They were stored in a very damp kitchen towel in the meantime… Read more

Ham Pancakes with Asparagus Photo

Mix flour, eggs, milk, salt, pepper and mineral water to a smooth dough. Season to taste and leave to swell for 15 min. Fry large thin pancakes in hot oil.… Read more

Linguine with Asparagus and Artichoke Image

Cook the linguine in boiling salted water until al dente. Wash the asparagus, cut off the woody ends, peel the lower third. Bring plenty of salted water to the boil… Read more