Rhubarb Asian with Basil Mousse Photo

For the mousse, soak the gelatin in cold water. Pluck the leaves from the Thai basil and place in a high mixing bowl with the yogurt and lime juice and… Full Recipe

Basil Sorbet Picture

For the liqueur sugar, simmer sugar with 200 ml water and the lime zest until syrupy by half. Allow to cool. Finely puree the basil leaves with the sugar syrup.… Full Recipe

Basil Coconut Pesto Picture

Cut off the entire stems of the basil plant (the stems can also be processed) and put them in a bowl. Add the coconut oil and the peeled garlic clove… Full Recipe

Basil Goat Cheese Roll Image

Mash the cheese with your hands and mix it with the cream cheese in a bowl. Cut out cling film the size of a baking tray, spread it out on… Full Recipe