Blackcurrant Chicken Photo

Rinse the legs under running water and pat dry. Dice the bacon and fry until crispy. Remove and brown the chicken legs in the same fat. Add finely chopped onion… Read more

Blackcurrant Mustard Image

Boil down thawed currants and 3 tbsp. liqueur for 4 – 6 min. Mix with the mustard, the remaining liqueur and the honey. Pour into a jar and seal.

Blackcurrant Marzipan Cake Picture

Place the first cake layer on a cake plate and enclose with a cake ring. Strain the blackcurrants and collect the juice. Cook the cake glaze with the juice and… Read more

Blackcurrant Yogurt Smoothie with Banana Image

Pluck the black currants from the panicles and wash them. Peel and coarsely divide the banana. Mix the fruit with yogurt, milk and lemon juice. If necessary, sweeten with sugar… Read more

Blackcurrant Sauce Image

Heat oil in a pot. Crush the garlic, roughly chop the ginger and halve and seed the chili (if you like). Saute these three ingredients with the thyme in the… Read more

Blackcurrant Juice Liqueur Image

Pour the fresh currant juice together with the brandy into a large bottle and add the sugar. Leave to stand for a few days until the sugar has dissolved. Shake… Read more