Potato Bread Picture

Prepare the potatoes as jacket potatoes. In a bowl, mix water with yeast. Mix spelt, rye, anise, fennel seeds and caraway seeds in a bowl and grind finely. Put the… Read more

Pizza Bread for the Bread Maker Image

Ideally, this bread is baked in the bread machine. To do this, put all the ingredients in the container in order. Program normal, browning light. Without bread maker, you’ll have… Read more

Buttermilk Bread in Ultraplus Image

Let the yeast rise together with the flour, salt and sugar. Then stir in all the other ingredients. Pour everything into the UltraPlus and place in a cold oven. Set… Read more

Bread Pudding Picture

Break the bread into small pieces and soak in water, then squeeze. Add flour, dried fruit, spice mixture and sugar. Melt the butter and pour it over the bread. Finally,… Read more

Spelt Seed Bread Photo

Dissolve the yeast with the cane sugar in the lukewarm water. Put the flours in a bowl and spread the salt around the edge. Add the yeast mixture to the… Read more

Appenzell Bread Casserole Image

Cut the onions into very thin slices, break the bread into coarse pieces. Always alternate layers of bread, onions and cheese in a buttered baking dish. Whisk milk, curd cheese,… Read more

Beer Bread for Every Taste Photo

Everyone can create ‘his’ bread with different (additional) ingredients, such as peppers, olives, etc. or modified quantities. First, dice all fresh ingredients (e.g. cheese, ham, green onions) and mix with… Read more


Prepare sourdough the day before from 60g of starter, 250g of whole wheat flour and 250g of lukewarm water. In a large bowl, mix dry yeast with some of the… Read more