Brussels Sprouts Antipasti Image

Clean and wash the Brussels sprouts and cook in boiling salted water for approx. 10 – 15 minutes until al dente (frozen Brussels sprouts only need approx. 5 minutes cooking… Read more


Sauté the finely chopped onion in a little fat and add the brussels sprouts, cleaned and precooked either plain in water, salted water or vegetable broth. Sauté the vegetables until… Read more

Brussels Sprouts with Almonds Image

Clean the Brussels sprouts and boil in plenty of salted water for approx. 15 – 20 min. (still slightly firm to the bite). Briefly rinse and melt the butter in… Read more

Baked Brussels Sprouts Image

Prepare the Brussels sprouts according to instructions. Cut the ham into strips. Mix the cheese and crème fraîche. Put the vegetables in a greased baking dish. Spread the ham and… Read more


Cook the cleaned and washed Brussels sprouts in salted water until done and drain. Pour half of the mashed potatoes into a greased baking dish. Layer the Brussels sprouts on… Read more

Brussels Sprouts Quiche Image

Place the puff pastry slices side by side on the work surface and let them thaw. Clean the Brussels sprouts, wash them and cook them in boiling salted water for… Read more