Carambola Cucumber Carpaccio Picture

Slice cucumber and carambola. Place on plates in a fan shape. Mix the dressing and season to taste. If you like, you can sweeten it a bit. Drizzle the dressing… Read more

Mango Compote with Carambola Photo

Put a small saucepan (not aluminum) on low heat and add sugar, orange juice and water, stirring until the sugar dissolves. Add the fruit ends (fruit stem & base of… Read more

Spicy Carambola Tegut Style Image

Dice the fruit and cook until mushy, about 25 minutes. Season especially savory with salt, pepper and the other spices – it should be very spicy, as it goes so… Read more

Tegut Style Doused Carambola Picture

Divide the fruit among four dessert bowls and sprinkle with sugar, if desired. Drizzle each serving with 1 tablespoon eggnog and decorate with hazelnut flakes and chocolate shavings.

Persimmon Bowl with Carambola Picture

Scoop out persimmon pulp from overripe persimmon with spoon. Mash with a fork. If the persimmon is not too ripe, you need to mash it. Now stir in Icelandic cream… Read more

Apple and Raisin Tartar with Carambola Photo

Mix the raisins with the apple cubes, lime juice and honey. Pour into glasses and decorate with carambola. Delicious as a dessert or snack. Who replaces honey with agave syrup… Read more

Persimmon Raisin Porridge with Carambola Picture

Peel and dice persimmon. Cut carambola into stars. Put oatmeal, oat drink, chia seeds and persimmon cubes in a saucepan and simmer briefly until the consistency is pleasant. Stir in… Read more