White Currant Liqueur with Chamomile Photo

Wash the currants, remove the stems and drain. Put the rock candy in a wide-mouthed carafe. Pour in the currants and all other ingredients, top up with vodka and close… Read more

Flu Tea with Chamomile and Ginger Image

Peel and slice the ginger and apple. Put chamomile flowers, ginger and apple in a pot and heat with water and apple juice. Let simmer very gently for about 15… Read more

Orange Ginger Chamomile Tea Picture

Peel the orange and cut in half. Cut one half into small pieces and divide among 4 cups. Chop the ginger, about 1-2 cm thick and the other half of… Read more

Chamomile Jelly Picture

Boil chamomile flowers with the water and infuse for about 5 to 8 min. Pour this chamomile tea through a sieve, add the lemon and spices and bring to the… Read more

Chamomile Wine Photo

Place all ingredients in an appropriately sized, tightly sealed jar and let stand in a sunny window spot for 8 days. Shake well once a day. Then strain first through… Read more

Chamomile Panna Cotta Image

Bring the milk to a boil, add the two tea bags and leave to infuse for fifteen minutes. Remove the tea bags, add the cream and sugar and heat again… Read more

Chamomile Ice Cream Photo

Bring the cream to a simmer, then mix the honey and let the tea bags steep in it for five minutes. Then remove the tea bags and squeeze well. Beat… Read more


Puree milk, tea, cooked quinoa (use leftovers) or oatmeal and strawberries in blender or blender until smooth. Sweeten with honey to taste.

Glow Gin Chamomile Picture

Pour chamomile tea into a pot. Add elderflower syrup and vanilla sugar to the tea, heat while stirring, but do not boil. Add gin and lemon juice and season to… Read more