Chard and Kohlrabi Lasagna Picture

Mix the flour and durum wheat semolina in a bowl or on a work surface and press a well into the center. Defrost the frozen spinach and squeeze a little,… Read more

Chard Quiche Image

Mix curd, flour, baking powder, oil and about 3 tablespoons of the milk to a dough. Roll out and line an oiled tart pan or springform pan (26 cm) with… Read more

Colorful Chard Minced Meat Pan Photo

Cut the green of the chard leaves from the stems and chop them finely and set aside. Cut the stems into lozenges, dice the onion, halve or quarter the cocktail… Read more

Mushrooms Stuffed with Chard Photo

Clean the mushrooms. Remove the stalks and cut them into small pieces. Finely dice the onions. Clean the chard, wash thoroughly, drain and cut into small pieces. Roast the pine… Read more

Chard Packets Photo

Wash the chard leaves, blanch for 2 minutes and quench in ice water. Wash and seed the bell bell pepper, clean the scallions as well and peel the garlic clove.… Read more

Chard Cheese Pockets Photo

Defrost the puff pastry. Wash and clean the chard, cut the stems into wedges. Cut the leaves and stems into fine strips. Peel and finely dice the onions. Sauté the… Read more