Colombian Meatballs Image

Cut fillet into pieces (between medallion size and shredded). Mix neatly with roll-grill seasoning, garlic, pepper, curry and paprika and marinate in the refrigerator for about 2-3 hours. Fry briefly… Read more

Colombian Style Rice Photo

Learned on vacation in Colombia that rice can taste much more aromatic and interesting than is usually the case here. Cook the rice with a little salt in the water,… Read more

Aji Colombian Variant Photo

Dice the tomatoes. Cut the spring onions into fine rings. Wash and finely chop the coriander greens. Chili peppers cut into fine rings (or mortar if dried). Mix together with… Read more

Colombian Corn Casserole à la Gabi Picture

Stir-fry the meat in batches in oil. Then pour each portion into a large pot. Fry the onions in the drippings until translucent and mix with the tomatoes. Salt everything… Read more

Colombian Vegetable Stew with Pumpkin Image

Fry the bacon in 4 tablespoons of oil for a few minutes. Then briefly sauté the onions, zucchini, potatoes, garlic and chili peppers. Deglaze with hot water. Add spices and… Read more

Cheesecake Colombian Julian Cardona Picture

Crumble the cookies and mix with the melted butter. Divide the cookie mixture evenly among 4 glasses and press firmly. Refrigerate and allow to set. Soak the gelatin. Warm the… Read more

Cazuela De Frijoles Colombian Bean Pot Photo

The day before, cover the fresh, untreated beans with water in a container and let them stand. On the day of preparation, take the beans out of the water and… Read more

Fried Plantain Colombian Style Photo

Heat the fat in a deep frying pan. Peel the plantains and cut into 3-5 cm pieces. Fry the pieces in the fat until they turn a light brown color.… Read more

Colombian Eggs Picture

Peel the onion, cut into rings and fry in the hot oil in a pan until light brown. Then add the diced tomatoes and the coarsely chopped coriander leaves, salt.… Read more