Mecklenburg Style Goose or Duck Giblets Picture

Bring the prepared goose giblets, well washed and soaked for some time, to boil in 2 liters of hot water with the cleaned vegetables, spice grains and a little salt.… Read more

Duck with Apple Orange Stuffing Photo

Wash the duck thoroughly inside and out. Remove visible fat, the lower wing bones and the rump. Preheat the oven to 220 degrees (top, bottom heat). Chop the parsley. Dice… Read more

Spicy Duck Leg with Turnip Puree Picture

Clean the duck leg, salt, pepper and rub with 5-G powder. Put some oil in a roasting tube, add the drumstick and all spices. Roast in the oven at about… Read more

Glazed Duck Breast on Carrot Ginger Sauce Photo

For the glaze, reduce the pounded cilantro by half with the tarragon sprigs and wine. Stir with the ketchup, soy sauce and honey until slightly thickened. Sear the duck breasts… Read more

Duck Legs in Spicy Sauce Photo

Clean the duck legs, rinse in cold water, pat dry and trim off any excess fat. Salt and pepper the legs. Dice the bacon very finely, peel the garlic. Wash… Read more

Plum Soup with Duck Breast Image

Fry the bacon in a pot, add the leek cut into rings. After frying, fill with the broth and cook with the plums and chopped chili pepper for 20-30 minutes.… Read more

Turnip Stew with Crispy Duck Legs Photo

Wash the duck legs. While still moist and with the fat side up, place in a watered Roman pot. Season with salt, pepper, mugwort and marjoram. Place in cold oven… Read more

Honey Duck Picture

Salt and pepper the duck inside and out. Plug the opening. Tie the wings and legs to the body with kitchen twine. Preheat the oven to 175°C. Place the duck… Read more