Ecuadorian Fish Soup with Salsa Image

Request from the fishmonger about 350 g of shrimp shells and fish heads. For the soup, first puree the garlic, onions and 1 chili pepper in a blender and set… Read more

Ecuadorian Duck with Bananas Photo

Salt duck, rub inside and out with plenty of paprika. Mash bananas, mash soft avocados, add chopped onion and season with salt & pepper. Stuff the duck with it and… Read more

Hot Ecuadorian Chili Sauce Image

Score the tomatoes crosswise, blanch in hot water and quench with cold water. Peel off the skin and remove the stalk. Clean the peppers and the remaining ingredients. Dice the… Read more

Ecuadorian Chard Soup Picture

Wash the chard and separate the white from the green. Cut the white stems/leaf backs into small cubes. Roughly chop the leaves. Peel the potatoes and cut into cubes. Peel… Read more