Sea Eel in Mushroom Wine Sauce Image

Cut the fish into pieces of about 5 cm and sprinkle with lemon juice. Boil peeled onion, bay leaf and peppercorns in about 1 liter of salted water and add… Read more


Remove the meat from the eel, cut into small pieces and place in a bowl. Quarter the shallots lengthwise, remove the seeds from the chili pepper and finely slice both.… Read more


One day before, cut the eel into pieces about 5 cm thick, season with salt and pepper and mix well. Add the marc brandy and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.… Read more

Braised Eel with Savoy Cabbage Picture

The recipe comes from Comacchio in the Po Delta in Emilia-Romagna, where eel fishing is traditionally practiced. It is usually pickled, since it is caught only in December. This dish… Read more

Eel Cake with Broccoli Picture

Clean, gut and slice the eel. Cut the spring onions into bite-sized pieces and mash the broccoli. Cook the ingredients in boiling salted water for 25 minutes. Drain the ingredients.… Read more


Peel and debone the eel. Boil the skin and bones with 1.5 l water, greens and spices for 90 minutes. Then pass the liquid through a sieve and set aside.… Read more

Eel on Straw Picture

I introduce myself as the ex-host of the ‘Südermühle’. I brought this recipe from Sweden. it is very old. Eel on straw was the hit in my restaurant! Preheat the… Read more

Eel Housewife Style Photo

Mix curd and sour cream with salt, pepper and sugar. Cut onions and apple into fine slices and add to the mixture with the marjoram. Spread the cream on the… Read more