Banana Bread with Flax and Chia Seeds Image

Chop the bananas with a blender or mash them with a fork. Stir in sugar, vanilla sugar, salt, oil and the egg. Mix flour and baking powder, stir in, then… Read more

Fruit Salad with Flax Seeds Photo

Mix yogurt, flaxseed and honey in a bowl until smooth. Peel the nectarines and cut into bite-sized pieces. Wash the blueberries. Peel the banana, cut it into slices and sprinkle… Read more

Pizza Dough from Chia and Flax Seeds Image

Soak the chia seeds in a bowl with the warm water for 15 minutes. Stir from time to time. A jelly forms, which has a sticky consistency. Preheat the oven… Read more