Zucchini Pan with Ground Beef Picture

Cook the rice with double the amount of water, add a little salt to the water. Dice the onions and the zucchini and slice the spring onions. Fry the minced… Full Recipe

Spicy One Pot Pasta with Ground Beef Picture

Peel and dice the onion. Wash, seed and finely dice chili pepper. Wash broccoli and divide into small florets. If necessary, peel broccoli stalk and cut into small cubes. Heat… Full Recipe

Rice Pan with Ground Beef Photo

Score the tomatoes crosswise, scald, skin and quarter. Cut the bell pepper in half lengthwise, remove the seeds and wash. Cut the bell pepper halves into strips. Heat the olive… Full Recipe

Ground Beef from Java Photo

Melt the butter, saute the onion in it together with the green bell pepper until soft. Add the meat, salt and curry and brown. Stir in the grapes, cashews and… Full Recipe

White Cabbage Ground Beef Casserole Image

Chop 1 red onion and fry a clove of garlic in oil. Then add the ground beef and fry thoroughly. Season with salt, pepper and a teaspoon of paprika. Cut… Full Recipe

Sloppy Joe American Ground Beef Burger Picture

Sauté onions and bell bell pepper in pan. Add minced meat and fry until crispy. Season with pepper, salt, paprika powder, Thai curry as well as barbecue seasoning. Then add… Full Recipe