Fusilli with Hare Ragout Picture

Fry the bacon in melted butter. Add the rabbit meat and fry it as well. Mix the onion, celery, carrot, tomatoes with the meat. Season the ragout with salt, pepper… Read more

Hare in Sage Stick Sponge Sauce Photo

Cut the hare into 6 parts (2 front legs, 2 hind legs, rib cage and loin). Pepper the liver, heart, kidneys and set aside covered on a plate. Remove lungs… Read more

Andalusian Leg of Hare Picture

Rub the washed, skinned legs of hare with salt, pepper and thyme. Sauté all around in olive oil. Fill up with wine and orange juice. Add the very finely chopped… Read more

Wild Hare Meets Utee Picture

Divide the hare runs (if not already done) into upper and lower legs. From the backs, separate the salmon and fillets. Layer all parts in a porcelain or glass dish… Read more

Leg of Hare Photo

Bring the wine and water to a boil and simmer over medium heat for about 1 hour with a cubed onion, the quartered lemon, cloves, juniper berries, the peppercorns and… Read more

Saddle of Hare with Sour Cherries Picture

Drain the cherries, reserving the juice. Measure out 125 ml. Put the sour cherries into the watered clay pot. Mix juice with red wine and salt and pour over cherries.… Read more