Quark Dish Iceland Fire Image

Puree the red fruits, stir in 6 tablespoons sugar and season with lemon juice. Mash the kiwis and bananas together. Mix low-fat quark, remaining sugar, vanilla sugar(or vanilla) and some… Read more

Iceland Bread or Rye Black Bread Image

One dl = 100 ml It should be noted that this bread has an extremely long cooking time of 24 hours and requires some preparation. You will need 4 empty,… Read more

Iceland Blues Picture

First dip the rim of a highball glass in lemon juice and then in sugar to create a sugar rim. Set aside and allow to dry. Combine peach brandy, Blue… Read more

Dessert Iceland Fire Picture

Puree raspberries or strawberries and set aside. Mix together the quark, milk, lemon juice and sugar. Whip the cream until stiff and fold into the quark mixture. Peel banana and… Read more