Kangaroo Cookies Image

Make a batter with the first 6 ingredients, then carefully fold in the remaining ingredients. Place walnut-sized balls on a greased baking sheet, spacing them apart, and bake for 15… Read more

Kangaroo Fillet in Anchovy Marinade Image

Mix oil with garlic, lemon zest, capers and anchovies. Set aside the leaves from the mint sprigs. Chop the stems and add to the oil. Place kangaroo fillet in, turn… Read more

Kangaroo in Mustard Sauce Picture

First prepare the sauce. To do this, sauté the shallots, add the mustard, pour in the cream and simmer briefly. Season to taste with salt. Heat oil in a pan,… Read more

Kangaroo Salad Image

Wash iceberg lettuce, carrots, peppers, cucumber and zucchini. Wash or clean. Then cut into bite-sized pieces, grate or shred as needed. Place in a bowl and season with the jar… Read more

Kangaroo Fillet in Mustard Sauce Photo

First, prepare the sauce. To do this, sweat the shallots in a pan and add the mustard. Now add the sour cream and let everything simmer briefly. Season to taste… Read more

Kangaroo on Mie Noodles Image

Preheat the oven to 80 °C top/bottom heat with a shallow baking dish. Clean the spring onions and cut into 2 cm long strips. Peel and finely dice the ginger… Read more

Kangaroo Steak with Saint Agur Picture

Preheat the oven, with a shallow baking dish in it, to 80 °C top/bottom heat on the middle shelf. In a heavy frying pan with coconut oil, sear the steaks… Read more

Kangaroo Steaks Photo

Clean the kangaroo steaks under water. If the meat was not purchased cut into steaks, still cut the meat into slices. Cut the slices a little thicker. Then season the… Read more