Lobster Salad with Dill Cream Photo

Clean and wash the lettuce. Pat dry well and shred the leaves. Chop dill tips (except for 6 tips). Cut pineapple slices into pieces. Cut mushrooms into slices. Mix both… Read more

Lobster Soup and Lobster Salad Image

Cook the lobster in a broth of salted water, root vegetables, onions and peppercorns. The water should be bubbling when the lobster is immersed head first. It should be cooked… Read more

Lobster Carpaccio with Potato Salad Image

Defrost lobster overnight in the refrigerator. Boil potatoes in their skins with salt and caraway seeds until al dente, no more than 20 minutes. During this time, shuck the lobster… Read more

Lobster Salad à la Gabi Picture

Mix the lobster with the finely chopped celery and dress with vinegar, oil and salt. Let stand for some time, then mix in the finely chopped cucumber and mayonnaise.

False Lobster Salad à la Gabi Photo

Wash fish fillet, salt, acidify with lemon juice, steam and cut into small pieces when cooled. Cut asparagus, wax beans, cucumbers and onions into pieces or cubes, chop the eggs.… Read more