Marrow Dumplings Picture

Remove the marrow from the bone, drain in a small pan, pass through a fine sieve and leave to cool slightly. In the meantime, soak the roll in cold water.… Read more

False Marrow Dumplings Photo

Melt butter in a saucepan and let cool slightly. Beat the eggs with the butter. Add salt and pepper. Thicken with the breadcrumbs until it is a little firmer. Form… Read more

Marrow Dumplings in Broth Photo

Soak the buns and squeeze them. Scrape the marrow from the bone and let it out in a pan. Add the rendered fat to the buns, being careful not to… Read more

Gluten Free Marrow Dumplings Image

Boil the marrow bones in broth for about 1 hour, then remove and let cool. Remove the cooled marrow from the bones with a pointed knife and place in a… Read more

Paleo Marrow Dumplings Photo

Scrape the bone marrow from the beef marrow bones. You need – depending on the size, about 3 – 5 pieces of it. Drain the marrow in a pan over… Read more

Billas Marrow Dumplings Image

Remove the marrow from the bones, crush it and let it out in a pan over a mild heat and then let it cool. Then stir the marrow until foamy… Read more

Marrow Dumplings Image

Remove marrow from 2 bones, heat until dissolved, let cool. Then beat with an egg until foamy, season with salt and nutmeg. Then knead with breadcrumbs until you can form… Read more